The Mission

Help people utilize, develop, and appreciate their capabilities. Specialized leadership coaching and group facilitation results in relational and emotional maturity.  Leaders in Family Business have the ability and willingness to make Financial, Intellectual and Human Capital available to their members at the right time and in the right way.

Caroline Berry Consulting is all about helping people bring about the changes that they want to have in their lives and to prepare for the future.  How do you bring these changes into action?  We will help you by:

  • Skillfully guiding leaders through difficult and necessary conversations
  • Coach individuals to increase their ability to connect and relate to key individuals. The coaching promotes clarity, self responsibility and courage to have difficult conversations.
  • Generating agreement among key members to finalize and execute plans that the entire family can endorse and implement
  • Appreciating and using your family’s existing decision making process and helping you re-shape it into a more effective one

Caroline will help you discover, clarify and execute

Caroline Berry Consulting has a 30 year track record in helping leaders:
DISCOVER  THE GAPS  between  excellence and mediocrity.
CLARIFY  THE ISSUES  preventing progress and the conversations necessary to achieve results.
EXECUTE  THE SOLUTIONS  produced by calm and harmony between individuals

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