When we help Families determine ‘what matters most to their family’,
the estate planning tools become more valid and reliable in serving the families true desires. 

Succession and Estate Planning:
We work hand-in-glove with other Professional Advisors as no one individual or firm have all the skills and competencies to address the complex issues facing families today.  We view Succession and Estate Planning as going hand in hand and have experienced that you get the best results when you view order as an important function of planning. 

Why is this formula important?
H = Human Capital and Relationships
T = All of the technical, financial, estate and corporate planning
R = Results

If either the H or the T are left undone or not done well, the result can be failure or less than desirable results.  The best results come from answering the challenging questions about our family members and relationships and then applying the appropriate solutions.

Working Collaboratively:
Different types of consultants work in the three systems of family.  What distinguishes a Family Business Consultant, is that we work on the boundaries of these systems, where there are overlaps  (see figure below)  between the family, management, and ownership.

We help advisors improve their listening skills, leadership, emotional intelligence, and trust building. The result is an office culture that better serves its clients.  We also provide confidential in-house case consultations and coaching.

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