Individual Leaders

Many Leaders find that leadership development is a life-long process.  Coaching is useful when the Leader’s goals include improving communications and relationships.  The results are often experienced in improved management styles and skills, ability to manage personal or organizational changes and enhancing strategic thinking.

The process we use is based on Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory.  It is a way of coaching that helps a person become more calm and thoughtful in making decisions and connecting with others in important relationships.

For each engagement, the process begins with a period of discovery – using Assessment surveys and interview.  Assessment questions are designed to accurately understand the dynamics and specific needs of the individual.

Then, a customized process is designed, based on the interview data and the individual’s focus and timetable.  The time table can range from dealing with an immediate crisis to having regularly scheduled sessions.  Usually, the Leader will achieve significant results over a 6 to 18 month time frame.  Clients tell us they are often better able to deal effectively with conflict and create a more effective team.

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