Governing Boards

Governing gets tricky when we find ourselves governing as a group.  As individuals, governing is a part of how important decisions are made.  It is usually accomplished about a ‘nano-second’ before action.  It is usually done quietly, inside our heads and sometimes, unconsciously.

When people find themselves participating in a group decision making process, different skill sets and time frames are necessary for success – The ‘nano-second’ approach causes a lot of complications!  Governing as a group is complex.  The process to achieve successful governing can be fraught with dis-content and conflict; at best, dis-agreements on really important issues.

We help Governing Boards and Councils develop group skills to improve their ability to listen, lead, and build emotional intelligence and trust.  We provide a framework for strategic thinking.  The result is an improved ability to exercise appropriate authority and have decisive influence over the organization’s capacity to manage and achieve its purpose.  We also provide confidential in-house case consultations and coaching.

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