2018 Course Registration


“Advanced Leadership Course”

Location: Kings River Golf and Country Club

Caroline Berry, facilitator

Course Description:

The Advanced Leadership Course helps leaders develop a broader and deeper range of relationship management skills, applicable to work and family. The process, content and application emphasize emotional maturity and responsibility, beginning with self. Accepted candidates are highly-motivated to examine their family patterns, leadership styles, reputations, beliefs, and skills in an effort to bring a confident, calm and clear-thinking presence to their most valued relationships and responsibilities. Enrollment is competitive and limited to 6 participants. The course will be covered in 9 five hour sessions. Each session will include meals.

2018 Course dates: — all Wednesdays

Jan. 10
Jan 31
Feb. 21
March 14
April 4

September 19
Oct 10
Oct 31
November 28.


For more information, or to set up a qualifying meeting, please contact Caroline Berry:

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